Midtown is Santa Fe’s geographic center. A thriving new Center of Santa Fe activity is taking shape at Midtown where the City’s rich heritage and multi-culture roots are reflected and will continue to be celebrated.  And it is becoming a place where all residents are welcome to live, work, play, experience and learn.

Center of Creativity

Midtown District Inspires.

Midtown reflects Santa Fe’s unique identity and will be the epicenter of creativity, where community art, culture, entertainment, education, and innovation thrive.

Midtown District will be an active place that builds on an existing arts enclave within the Visual Arts Center, along with the Greer Garson Performing Arts Theater, which will continue to grow and serve as the cornerstones and catalysts for community art, design, culture, and activation that is fun and accessible to Santa Fe’s communities.

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Center for All People

Midtown District is inclusive and brings people together through a welcoming place where people will live, visit, play and gather in a mixed-use space designed on the principles of equity, sustainability, accessibility, and health.

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Center of Activity

Midtown District wil be a new exciting neighborhood in the geographic center of Santa Fe.  It is about being a place that welcomes people and about being good neighbors. The City has found inspiration from and engaged with Santa Fe communities throughout the planning process.  The redevelopment plans and every policy is informed through public input – a process that will continue as redevelopment plans and public programs are implemented. Stay updated and get engaged as a neighbor and friend of the new Midtown Center. Sign up here.

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Center for Memories

Midtown District has a rich past and is a place that holds many memories for communities of Santa Fe.  Preservation of landmark buildings, public programming that represents the communities of Santa Fe, art in public spaces, film production, technology, and entrepreneurship based on Santa Fe will be the foundation as people work together to ensure that the past informs the future of the Midtown District and builds on the texture and vibrant way people have used the land to visit, work, learn, live, heal, and play.

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