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Center of Santa Fe

As the City of Santa Fe grew south over the years from the beautiful historic plaza and downtown area, Midtown District is now in the geographic center of Santa Fe surrounded by various communities important to the past, present, and future health and wealth of the City.

At the core of the Midtown District — the new center of Santa Fe — is a commitment to creating a place for people. Equitable city building is an underlying principle to ensure housing affordability for various household types and incomes, below-market and market-rate arts and makers spaces, job creation at all skill levels, with opportunities for training, internships, vocational and career education. Of equal importance, redevelopment plans work together to enhance the public realm in the Midtown District with community-driven programs for local cultural events in art, music, dance, theater, and topical discussions that affect our communities and the world around us.

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This new center of Santa Fe will connect Midtown to the rest of Santa Fe, and the communities of Santa Fe to Midtown. Multimodal streets will provide safe mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists. Public open spaces will serve as elements of water management systems, as well as connect people to city-wide trail networks.

Midtown District will continually strive to be a good neighbor. Ongoing public engagement with residents and businesses will help to shape Midtown into the future. New development that connects to adjacent areas will help to support existing businesses, and provide new opportunities for small local businesses and other commercial enterprises focused on creativity, innovation, and multimedia technology.

This new center of Santa Fe will continue to embody its history and our shared memories while envisioning the future. It will celebrate and reflect core community values of social equity, environmental responsibility, and economic opportunity.

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Midtown District — the new center of Santa Fe — will have its roots in shared community values; a place that puts innovation, creativity and culture at its center; a place that is open and inviting to all and brings our Santa Fe communities together.

We welcome you to explore the journey we have undertaken, so far, to develop this new center of Santa Fe into a world-class neighborhood of creativity and empowerment. See what ideas and dreams our community has put forward. And what opportunities are already starting to unfold.

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